June 26, 2014

An Interview with FACE OFF’s Tyler Green!

Tyler Green FACE OFF Season 6

We at The Engineer Guy are super excited to have Tyler Green joining us for Goo-Con 2014!  You may know Tyler from SyFy’s FACE OFF Season 6 where placed first runner-up to Rashaad Santiago.  Green hails from Litchfield, Conneticut and is excited to join the Goo-Con team!   

The Engineer Guy: What is your go-to product?

Tyler Green: My product of choice is anything from Smooth-On! That company has a endless variety of materials for so many different applications.

TEG: Do you have a preferential medium you like to work in? (silicone appliances, foam latex, etc?)

TG: I challenge myself with realism and for me silicone is my medium of choice. Although foam latex can sometimes be more cost affective it does not have skin like or translucent properties that silicone has.

TEG: What inspires you as an artist?/where do you draw your creativity from?

TG: Anything, anytime everywhere an idea will pop into my head and I would have the ability to run with it. Film and TV or being surrounded by other creative people gets the sparks going as well.

Tyler Green, FACE OFF Season 6 TEG: How did you get into this field?

TG: At a very young age I would create things out of materials I would find around me. Discovering new materials and taking references from a film or creature that coughs my eye  I would inspire me to create my own.

TEG: Who is/are your idols/mentors?

TG: My grandfather was the first person i idolized. He was an inventive person and could also create anything. Industry wise Rick Baker for me is still my idol. I was also surprised to get a tweet from him telling me I am “kicking ass” on the show. That was a great day for me!

TEG: Any advice for someone looking to make a career out of SFX and makeup?

TG: Stay creative, stay positive and always know your anatomy. Second criticism is just someone else’s perspective. don’t take to heart take it as a compliment maybe they saw something you didn’t.

TEG: What does your workshop/studio/workspace look like?

TG: It’s small but it works. I would eventually like to expand.

TEG: What is your favorite part of your job?

TG: Creating and coming up with new and inventive ideas.

TEG: Do you have any exciting projects coming up?Tyler Green, FACE OFF Season 6

TG: I have a product I am launching soon! Wonderband Systems™ Is an interchangeable, customizable tool grip holding system that can be worn anywhere on the body. I got to use my very first prototype on face-off during last looks to keep all of my detail brushes right on my arm when  I needed them.

TEG: What is your favorite memory from your career?

TG: One my greatest memories in my makeup career was producing a custom silicone prosthetic for a woman with cancer. This woman was missing have her face and has not left her house after the surgery in over six months. I went through the whole process with her under a surgeons care. I lifecasted, Sculpted, molded and delivered the prosthesis to her. The elderly woman’s husband told me “you gave me my wife back” tears of happiness and the exchanging of hugs was a very emotional and rewording experience for me.


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