December 16, 2014

NEW @ The Engineer Guy – European Body Art

European Body Art @ The Engineer Guy

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Look what we have, European Body Arts is all new at The Engineer Guy! We are currently waiting for our first shipment to arrive but you can check out the full selection at The Engineer Guy

European Body Art Company Profile:

EBALogoBlueEBA manufacturers, distributes and sells one of a kind airbrush body art products, including custom systems to fit the demands of today’s most challenging businesses. European Body Art™ (EBA) is a lifestyle brand symbolizing an individual’s beliefs, thoughts, and interests in a form of temporary body art. The essence of the brand can be seen through thousands of individuals wearing EBA body art products and exploring the world of endless expression. Building on its legacy of innovation and style, EBA brand has become the mark of excellence and profitable solutions to the entertainment businesses globally.


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